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Basic Facts
Portrayed by 
Based on a ride at this company's parks 
Character personality based on this rocker 
Father's name 
Wears this type of hat 
Two of his teeth are made of this 
Goatee formed into two of these 
Cursed by gold from this civilization 
The Curse of the Black Pearl
Set in this Jamaican city 
Where Jack rescues this lovely maiden 
Who is portrayed by 
But alas, she is engaged to this man 
Jack escapes him and duels this blacksmith 
Who is portrayed by 
Jack is rescued by this ship 
Oh no! Elizabeth is captured by this man 
And taken to this Spanish-named isle 
Surprise! Will's dad was a pirate nicknamed: 
Dead Man's Chest
Drat! This man interrupts a wedding 
He works for this company 
And seeks this type of magic instrument 
Will's dad is back on the crew of this ship 
Under the command of this man 
Who is portrayed by 
Who sends this sea beast after Jack 
So Jack visits Tia Dalma, priestess of this art 
Who gives Jack a protective jar of this 
Ewww... the chest holds one of these organs 
At World's End
Nine pirate lords of this group are summoned 
Jack's missing! This pirate has the map to him 
He thinks Elizabeth is this sea goddess 
And betrays them; Jack ends up on this ship 
Jack escapes! The pirate lords meet here 
And put together these nine items 
And elect Elizabeth to this post 
And she gets into this pirate 'negotiation' 
Calypso free! Ship down! Jack on this island 
But... he has the map to this legendary spring 

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