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Men's Events
Shaun White (USA), Ross Rebagliati (CAN), Daniel Kass (USA) 
Armin Zoggeler (ITA), Georg Hackl (GER), Chris Thorpe (USA) 
Jonny Moseley (USA), Dale Begg-Smith (AUS), Han Xiaopeng (CHN) 
Alberto Tomba (ITA), Jean-Claude Killy (FRA), Hermann Maier (AUS) 
Thomas Morgenstern (AUS), Kazuyoshi Funaki (JPN), Jani Soininen (FIN) 
Wolfgang Hoppe (GDR), Todd Hays (USA), Anthony Nash (GBR) 
Brad Gushue (CAN), Russ Howard (CAN), Pete Fenson (USA) 
Ole Einar Bjorndalen (NOR), Harri Eloranta (FIN), Sven Fischer (GER) 
Fabrice Guy (FRA), Magnus Moan (NOR), Felix Gottwald (AUT) 
Marc Gagnon (CAN), Ahn Hyun-Soo (KOR), Apolo Anton Ohno (USA) 
Bjorn Daehlie (NOR), Andrus Veerpulu (EST), Vladimir Smirnov (KAZ) 
Mike Eruzione (USA), Peter Forsberg (SWE), Dominik Hasek (CZE) 
Eric Heiden (USA), Johann Olav Koss (NOR), Joey Cheek (USA) 
Gregor Stahli (SUI), Duff Gibson (CAN), John Heaton (USA) 
Dick Button (USA), Elvis Stojko (CAN), Sergei Grinkov (URS) 
Women's Events
Hayley Wickenheiser (CAN), Cammi Granato (USA), Gunilla Andersson (SWE) 
Triston Gale (USA), Maya Pedersen (SUI), Shelley Rudman (GBR) 
Kati Wilhelm (GER), Albina Akhatova (RUS), Liv Gree Poiree (NOR) 
Shannon Kleibrink (CAN), Mirjam Ott (SUI), Rhona Martin (GBR) 
Sylke Otto (GER), Steffi Martin (GDR), Doris Neuner (AUS) 
Cindy Klassen (CAN), Bonnie Blair (USA), Claudia Pechstein (GER) 
Janica Kostelic (CRO), Katja Seizinger (GER), Picabo Street (USA) 
Chun Lee-Kyung (KOR), Cathy Turner (USA), Alanna Kraus (CAN) 
Sonja Henie (NOR), Katarina Witt (GDR), Michelle Kwan (USA) 
Vonetta Flowers (USA), Sandra Kiriasis (GER), Jennifer Isacco (ITA) 
Hannah Teter (USA), Karine Ruby (FRA), Lindsey Jacobellis (USA) 
Stefania Belmondo (ITA), Larissa Lazutina (RUS), Beckie Scott (CAN) 
Jennifer Heil (CAN), Donna Weinbrecht (USA), Alisa Camplin (AUS) 

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