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Can you name the actors from the places their film characters have been?

Quiz Updated Jul 11, 2013

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A cave in Afghanistan, The Golden Triangle, 221B Baker Street
An Atlanta Piggly Wiggly, Nottingham forest, Shawshank Prison
Rohan, Starfleet Academy, Mega-City One
The Hotel Daniels, Stalag III, The Glass Tower
Through the Looking Glass, In the Chocolate Factory, at World's End
Hogwarts, Nottingham, Nakatomi Plaza
Air Force One, Gotham City, Azkaban
Metroville, Isla Nublar, On a plane
Nakatomi Plaza, New Penzance, Mir space station
Naboo, Kraków, Narnia
Joe Robbie Stadium, Lake Lachrymose, Whoville
A Mississippi shack, Élysée Palace, Santo Poco
Pankot Palace, Ebbets Field, Hoth
The USS Enterprise, Daytona International Speedway, Théâtre des Vampires
Westchester County NY, Trollesund, the Shire
Cook County Hospital, Gotham City, MIB Headquarters
MIT, Welton Academy, Agrabah
The North Pole, Cape Canaveral, Andy's Bedroom
Beverly Hills, Duloc, Zamunda
Rorke's Drift, Bexhill, Wayne Manor

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