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You know, that FBI beauty contestant, who adopts a football player and then gets stuck on a speeding bus.Sandra Bullock
You know, that talking spider who's a prostitute and goes after a power company.Julia Roberts
You know, that fashion magazine editor, who's a real vixen while cooking French food.Meryl Streep
You know, that forgetful girlfriend who gets flushed down the toilet but survives her ship sinking.Kate Winslet
You know, that flying nanny who flees from the Nazis while dressed as a man.Julie Andrews
You know, that St. Louis school girl who testified at Nuremberg and got carried away in Kansas.Judy Garland
You know, that attorney who defends Marines while spinning pottery and hiding out in Notre Dame cathedral.Demi Moore
You know, that teacher in Siam who proves there are aliens while interviewing a cannibal.Jodie Foster
You know, that Russian spy whose husband keeps getting younger in Lothlorien.Cate Blanchett
You know that single waitress whose boyfriend gets stranded on an island while she chases tornados with her soon to be ex-husband.Helen Hunt
Mixed up roles Actor % Correct
You know, that Russian aristocrat who serves the Queen of Naboo while cavorting with Pirates.Keira Knightley
You know, that First Lady who's a spaceship warrant officer and studies gorillas.Sigourney Weaver
You know, that Queen of England, who's the Queen of Hearts and the queen of evil witches.Helena Bonham Carter
You know, that Methodist missionary with a pet leopard, on a golden pond.Katharine Hepburn
You know, that Countess of Trentham who's friends with Peter Pan and teaches Transfiguration.Maggie Smith
You know, that Presidential widow whose ex-husband dresses as a woman until her nephew gets bitten by a radioactive spider.Sally Field
You know, that unsinkable, unhappy housewife, who's a HUGE fan of Paul Sheldon.Kathy Bates
You know, that detective's daughter who works on the Manhattan Project while fleeing from resurrected dinosaurs.Laura Dern
You know, that network executive who robs banks and hates wire coat hangers.Faye Dunaway
You know, that mobster's wife who gets buried alive and then battles Batman.Uma Thurman

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