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Can you name the correct answers to these over/under questions (please read game note)?

Updated Jul 12, 2012

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Question and NumberOver or UnderActual Number
Countries w/French as official language: 27
Official languages of the U.N.: 10
Native Mandarin speakers: 1.3 billion
'E' tiles in a Scrabble game: 9
2-letter Scrabble words: 85
Greek letters: 26
Total words in King James Bible: 173,309
Number of Roman numerals: 11
Languages on the Rosetta Stone: 5
What a stitch in time saves: 5
Official languages of the E.U.: 28
Countries w/English as official language: 27
Question and NumberOver or UnderActual Number
Countries w/Arabic as official language: 27
Countries w/Kyrgyz as official language: 27
Countries w/Spanish as official language: 27
Letters of the Hebrew alphabet: 18
Traditional parts of speech: 6
Base Scrabble points for 'Kyrgyzstan': 46
U.S. state mottos in Latin: 11
Official languages of European nations: 31
Languages of Lawrence of Arabia: 6
Words used by Shakespeare: 11,344
Phoenician letters: 26
Native English speakers: 500 million

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