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Can you name the correct answers to these over/under questions (please read game note)?

Updated Jun 26, 2013

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Question and NumberActual is Over or UnderActual Number
Unique words in 'Green Eggs and Ham': 176
Years Crusoe spent on the island: 21
Year of Shakespeare's death: 1564
Age of Holden Caulfield when narrating: 25
Year in which 'Big Brother is Watching You': 2001
Length, in days, of Fogg's circumnavigation: 40
Habits of Highly Effective People: 10
Leagues Nemo is Under the Sea: 3,000
Yossarian's circular Catch: 42
Pevensie children: 6
Dewey Decimal call # for Literature: 400
Books in C.S. Lewis' Narnia series: 12
Question and NumberActual is Over or UnderActual Number
Age, in years, of Juliet: 16
Books in Homer's Odyssey: 14
Sisters of Peter Rabbit: 2
Answer to the Ultimate Question of life, etc.: 58
Temp. (F), per Bradbury, where paper burns: 801
Baker Str. address of Sherlock Holmes: 123A
Crichton books turned into movies: 7
Harry Potter DADA teachers: 9
Dwarves of 'The Hobbit': 11
Days covered by Anne Frank's diary: 455
American winners of Nobel for Literature: 8
Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot novels: 51

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