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Can you name the movie from the fictional lawsuit?

Quiz Updated Mar 24, 2017

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Otterton v. Bellweather
Empire State Realty Trust v. Denham, Driscoll & Darrow
City and County of New York v. Scamander
Bridge House Estates v. Blackwood & Moriarty
'Wet Bandits' v. McCallister & Marley
Herr Zeller v. The Nuns of Nonnberg Abbey
Kingston Falls v. Peltzer, Wing & Unidentified Mogwai
Gotham v. Joker, King Kong, Voldemort, Sauron and Bruce the Shark
McFly v. Mr. Fusion Corporation
Lovell, Swigert & Haise v. Beech Aircraft Corporation
U.S Airways v. Flock of Canada Geese
Arendelle v. Southern Isles
Noland v. Federal Express
White Star Lines v. Frigidaire Iceberg Corp.
Islamic Rep. of Iran v. Studio 6
Kintner v. Amity Island
Buddy Hobbs v. Gimbel's Dept. Store
Kanata v. First Order Liability Company
Estate of Mufasa v. Wildebeest herd
Intergalactic Galaxy Board v. Arquillian Royal Family

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