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Can you name these minor Harry Potter characters when given the first letter of their names?

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AHe lived from 1486-1535 and is the only Chocolate Frog Card that Ron is missing.
BHe tried to smuggle flying carpets into Britain and had to deal with Mr. Weasley's ire.
CA member of the Slug Club, he was head of the Goblin Liaison office when Voldemort came back.
DA member of the Order, he escorts the Dursleys into hiding.
ESingle-named former Headmaster who Dumbledore uses to send messages through other portrait locations.
FA fellow student, he was captain of the Slytherin quidditch team during Harry's first three years.
GOne of Lockhart's biggest fans, she writes to him weekly.
HA former Hogwarts student, she teased Moaning Myrtle, who later haunted her.
ISingle-named chaser on the Bulgarian national quidditch team.
JCaptain and beater of the Holyhead Harpies quidditch team.
KA Gryffindor student, he replaces one of the Weasley's as beater when they are banned by Prof. Umbridge.
LSeeker for the Irish national quidditch team.
MHead of the Wizarding Examinations Office and Wizengamot member.
NSlytherin student and friend of Malfoy who can also see the thestrals.
ODept. of Magical Law Enforcement employee who went to visit Morfin Gaunt.
PMother of Severus Snape. Hermione eventually discovers her name.
QSingle-named beater for the Irish national quidditch team.
RDeath Eater who was betrayed by Karkaroff and later escaped Azkaban.
SAuthor of 'Defensive Magical Theory'.
TWispy Ministry of Magic apparition instructor.
UHistoric single-named wizard known for strange things like wearing a jellyfish as a hat.
VSeer who authored 'Unfogging the Future'.
WWitch singer who Mrs. Weasley loves and Fleur can't stand.
YSingle-named Death Eater who was present at the death of Dumbledore.
ZA Slytherin student whose mother's seven husbands all died mysteriously.

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