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In 1960, President Kennedy barely carried Texas despite having this man as his running mate:Lyndon Johnson
Shortly before the trip, this man got a job filling book orders in a downtown Dallas building:Lee Harvey Oswald
The eventual assassin had served in this branch of the U.S. Armed Forces:Marines
Following his service, he had defected to this country in October of 1959:U.S.S.R.
JFK first went to this city, home to the Alamo, to speak at Brooks Air Force Base:San Antonio
The Kennedys sat in the back, the Governor and his wife in the middle and the front seats contained two members of this elite force:Secret Service
LBJ was sworn in as President inside this Presidential vehicle:Air Force One
Two days later the assassin was killed by this Dallas nightclub owner:Jack Ruby
The next day, Kennedy was buried at this cemetery, near Washington:Arlington cemetery
At the hospital, there was nothing that could be done for the President. His death was first confirmed by Rev. Oscar L. Huber, who had administered these to JFK:Last Rites
The assassin fired three shots from the 6th floor of this Dallas Building:The Texas School Book Depository
Dallas television station WFAA immediately cut into programming, but much of the nation learned of the shooting from this CBS anchorman:Walter Cronkite
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Just 15 minutes later, J.D. Tippit, a Dallas police officer, was shot and killed. His killer was caught 45 minutes later at this type of establishment:Movie theater
The shooting was captured on a home movie filmed by this clothing manufacturer of Russian lineage:Abraham Zapruder
The motorcade had seven cars, including the Presidential car, a 1961 edition of this model:Lincoln Continental
Then on to Houston to speak at this hotel, named for the man who founded an Owl loving university:Rice Hotel
Jackie Kennedy decided to come along on the trip, in part to lift her spirits after the death of her newborn son, who she gave this name:Patrick Bouvier Kennedy
To raise money and prepare for a 1964 reelection bid, Johnson arranged a visit through this Texas Governor:John Connally
At 12:29 PM CST, the motorcade entered this triangular park near the triple underpass in the West End district of Dallas:Dealey Plaza
With the agent now shielding the First Lady and the mortally wounded President, the limo sped off to this Dallas medical facility:Parkland Hospital
Weeks before Kennedy's trip, this U.N. ambassador was assaulted in Dallas, leading him to warn Kennedy against making the trip:Adlai Stevenson
On Friday, November 22nd, Kennedy began the day with a speech at the Hotel Texas to this business group:Chamber of Commerce
Following the first shot, this Secret Service agent, assigned to Mrs. Kennedy, jumped from the follow-up car and climbs onto the Presidential limo:Clint Hill
JFK was scheduled to give a lunch talk at this building, now part of the Dallas Market Center:Trade Mart
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