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Can you pick the actor from the Harry Potter movies based on things they did in other acting roles?

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You know, that professor who, as a philanthropic magic governess, resists selling her story of a magic governess.
You know, that bad guy who runs a secret service agency of concierges who win big on a TV trivia show.
You know, that student who joins a circus of sparkly vampires so that he can work on his surrealist paintings.
You know, that professor who sends the kids to Narnia from his Parisian cabaret, while sticking up for his archeologist friend.
You know, that convict who leads a metropolitan police force of mercenary Mangalores to take over the President's aircraft.
You know, that professor who sends people back in time while assisting a naked artist in his role as King of Scotland.
You know, that student who helps a freshman load all the animals into a boat before falling in love with a beast.
You know, that game keeper who tried to help Santa while arranging a Scottish marriage during his days as a KGB agent.
You know, that author who, at Agincourt, tries to reincarnate a monster while avenging the fratricidal death of his father.
You know, that mom who goes back to school to help a South American bear learn to be a ballet dancer.
You know, that convict who tries to solve a boy's murder at a masquerade ball without revealing that he's actually a Time Lord.
You know, that goblin that takes out a shield generator while fighting the White Witch as a leprechaun.
You know, that Headmistress who taught at a Scottish private school while trying to solve a murder as an elderly dowager.
You know, that father who tries to stop Peter Pan as a dragoon captain in Somalia.
You know, that convict who helps her husband get over a stutter while screaming 'Off with their heads!' in her meat pie shop.
You know, that wand maker who births an alien while making Contact with crystal skulled beings.
You know, that ghost that gave a spy nifty gadgets while sponsoring a race to find a religious relic.
You know, that student that assisted his evil scientist boss as a tech prodigy whose dead body gets used in multiple ways.
You know, that house elf that advised President Bush on starting HYDRA during TV coverage of the Hunger Games.
You know, that professor who terrorized Nottingham by shooting Takagi in Wonderland.

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