Movies Quiz / Advent Puzzle Day 20: Sounds Like Christmas

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Can you name the Christmas movie (feature length or TV) from a snippet of its audio?*

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First: 0:00-0:101983 - Peter Billingsley
Second: 0:11-0:351985 - Mary Steenburgen
Third: 0:36-0:471946 - Jimmy Stewart
Fourth: 0:48-1:002013 - Robert Downey Jr.
Fifth: 1:00-1:201988 - Bill Murray
Sixth: 1:20-1:551996 - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Seventh: 1:55-2:101964 - John Call
Eighth: 2:11-2:352000 - Ben Affleck
Ninth: 2:36-3:001969 - Jackie Vernon
Tenth: 3:01-3:201992 - Macaulay Culkin
Eleventh: 3:21-3:451992 - Michael Caine
Twelfth: 3:46-4:001947 - Edmund Gwenn
Thirteenth: 4:01-4:251983 - Wayne Allwine
Fourteenth: 4:26-4:451954 - Bing Crosby
Fifteenth: 4:46-5:051993 - Danny Elfman
Sixteenth: 5:06-5:251966 - Boris Karloff
Seventeenth: 5:26-6:001989 - Chevy Chase
Eighteenth: 6:01-6:201970 - Fred Astaire
Nineteenth: 6:21-6:452011 - Gary Oldman

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