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Sproutcm is the undisputed Sporcle quizmaster and recently had a very successful series of "Are You Smarter Than a College Student" quizzes. Sprout is, himself, a college professor and consistently aces quizzes (look up and down his list of games played and you'll see a whole lot of '100%'). But are YOU smarter than him? Presented here are a random sampling of questions from quizzes that Sprout did poorly on, perhaps because of the subject matter, perhaps because he was distracted by the book he's nearly finished writing or perhaps because he was taking them in the middle of class...
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Largest U.S. City ending in 'O' 
Spielberg 6-word movie title: 1977 
Top U.S. Boy name: 1970s 
Largest American Indian Tribe in the U.S. 
Costliest Atlantic Hurricane 
1st name: ____ Descartes 
Top U.S. Magazine by revenue 
NASCAR driver killed in 2001 crash at Daytona 
World's most visited art museum 
Disney monkey in 'Aladdin' 
This Atlanta Brave was 2011 NL Rookie of the Year 
Most NBA points with one franchise 
2nd largest French urban area 
Grimm fairy tale: 'Little ____ White' 
Largest 6 letter European city 
Director of MASH & Gosford Park 
Band with Eric Clapton & Ginger Baker 
Pirates one-team HOF OF, 1955-1972 
TV Show with 'The Quahog Informant' 
Musical narrated by Tommy DeVito 
Highest scoring 4 letter Scrabble word 
Former name of Lesotho 
Michael Bond book: '____ Helps Out' 
Company that owns Kool-Aid 
'J.D.' in J.D. Salinger 
Final destiny of Norse gods 
Pitcher with MLB Most Wins: 1870s 
LOTR chapter title: 'The ____ of Kazad-dum' 
Poem's last line- 'And drunk the milk of Paradise' 
Movie featuring 'The Wonders' (aka 'Oneders') 

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