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Can you choose which role these actors played first?

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Harrison Ford: (A) Han Solo or (B) Indiana Jones?
Tilda Swinton: (A) The White Witch or (B) Rebecca Dearborn?
Bob Hoskins: (A) Smee or (B) Eddie Valiant?
Jennifer Lawrence: (A) Mystique or (B) Katniss Everdeen?
Bruce Willis: (A) Hudson Hawk or (B) John McClane?
Ingrid Bergman: (A) Ilsa Lund or (B) Sister Mary Benedict?
Clint Eastwood: (A) Harry Callahan or (B) Bill Munny?
Kathy Bates: (A) Annie Wilkes or (B) Molly Brown?
Henry Fonda: (A) Adm. Chester Nimitz or (B) Juror #8?
Meryl Streep: (A) Miranda Priestly or (B) Julia Child?
Tom Hanks: (A) Jim Lovell or (B) Forrest Gump?
Julie Andrews: (A) Maria von Trapp or (B) Mary Poppins?
William H. Macy: (A) Jerry Lundegaard or (B) Little Bill?
Katharine Hepburn: (A) Ethel Thayer or (B) Rose Sayer?
Gene Hackman: (A) Lex Luthor or (B) Reverend Scott?
Catherine Zeta-Jones: (A) Velma Kelly or (B) Amelia Warren?
Denzel Washington: (A) Alonzo Harris or (B) Ruben Carter?
Sally Field: (A) Norma Rae or (B) Edna Spaulding?
Oscar Isaac: (A) Llewyn Davis or (B) Poe Dameron?
Whoopi Goldberg: (A) Shenzi or (B) Deloris?
Dustin Hoffman: (A) Dorothy Michaels or (B) Ray Babbitt?
Sigourney Weaver: (A) Ripley or (B) Dana Barrett?
James Earl Jones: (A) Terrence Mann or (B) King Joffe Joffer?
Judi Dench: (A) Mrs. Fairfax or (B) M?
Sean Connery: (A) James Bond or (B) Robin Hood?

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