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Can you name the only book title, person or thing that answers each of these Harry Potter questions?

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The only film in which Voldemort/Tom Riddle does not appear
The only full giant Hagrid teaches English to
The only DADA teacher who never actually taught a class
The only Gilderoy Lockhart book to end with a question mark
The only known free house elf other than Dobby
The only book in which Harry doesn't attend Hogwarts
The only animal (non-human) that served as a Horcrux
The only person killed in the first opening of the Chamber of Secrets
The only student whose familiar is a toad
The only Animagus working at Hogwarts
The only centaur to teach at Hogwarts
The only student to get stuck in a vanishing cabinet
The only student known to have been expelled from Hogwarts
The only student to get an award for special services to the school before 1993
The only werewolf known to have attended Hogwarts
The only horcrux hidden inside Hogwarts
The only triwizard champion not to rescue anyone underwater
The only fake Harry injured in the Battle of the Seven Potters
The only character other than Harry to be administered Skele-gro
The only ghost petrified in Chamber of Secrets
The only DADA teacher whose tenure ends in death
The only Ministry employee killed to make a horcrux
The only Hufflepuff seeker to defeat Harry Potter in a Quidditch match
The only person to officiate a Hogwarts Quidditch match other than Madam Hooch
The only person to serve as Hogwarts High Inquisitor
The only Auror to work for the Muggle Prime Minister
The only non-wizard who testifies at Harry's disciplinary hearing
The only main character whose role had to be recast due to the death of an actor

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