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Can you determine whether these famous people were alive to see these historic events?

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Was George Orwell alive to see the assassination of John F. Kennedy?
Was King Henry VIII alive to see the founding of St. Augustine, FL?
Was Walter Mondale alive to see the election of Donald Trump?
Was Ringo Starr alive to see the September 11th terrorist attacks?
Was Napoleon Bonaparte alive to see the end of the War of 1812?
Was Francisco Franco alive to see the Berlin airlift?
Was Emperor Hirohito alive to see the Space Shuttle program?
Was Galileo Galilei alive to see the unification of Italy?
Was Yuri Gagarin alive to see the International Space Station?
Paul von Hindenburg alive to see the Hindenburg disaster?
Was Teddy Roosevelt alive to see F.D. Roosevelt become President?
Was Winston Churchill alive to see humans walk on the moon?
Was George Washington alive to see the start of the 19th Century?
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky alive to see the invention of the phonograph?
Was Mohandas Gandhi alive to see the end of World War II?
Was Alfred Hitchcock alive to see the end of the Vietnam War?
Was Nelson Mandela alive to see an African-American U.S. President?
Was Erich Honecker alive to see German reunification?
Was Queen Victoria alive to see the founding of AT&T?
Was Roald Dahl alive to see the publication of the Harry Potter novels?

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