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QUIZ: Can you choose whether these things have happened (O)ver or (U)nder 23 times- the number of Olympic gold medals won by Michael Phelps?

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HintO or U?Actual
C.S. Lewis novels: 23?
OPEC members: 23?
Grammy Awards by the Beatles: 23?
Emmy Awards won by the Simpsons: 23?
Titanic Oscar nominations: 23?
Sporcle Categories: 23?
Actinide Metals: 23?
Labors of Hercules: 23?
John Williams Oscar nominations: 23?
U.S. Cabinet officials: 23?
Secretary Generals of the U.N.: 23?
European Union members: 23?
HintO or U?Actual
Stars on Brazil's flag: 23?
Canadian provinces: 23?
Popes named Benedict: 23?
Seasons of Sesame Street: 23?
Teams in the National Hockey League: 23?
James Bond films: 23?
Squares on Monopoly board: 23?
Billy Joel studio albums: 23?
Letters of the Greek alphabet: 23?
New Testament Books: 23?
Confederate states: 23?
Democratic U.S. Presidents: 23?

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