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The only person nominated for more than a dozen acting awards:
The only movie to win 11 awards this century:
The only person to win four awards in a single year:
The only film to win the big five awards in the last 30 years:
The only person to receive an award when under the age of 7:
The only film for which Laurence Olivier earned an acting Oscar among his 10 nominations:
The only woman to win for Best Actress and Best Original Song:
The only Best Picture winner to have a continent in its title:
The only person to win a posthumous acting award this century:
The only foreign language film to receive 10 nominations:
The only presenter to ever be interrupted by a streaker:
The only film series with two Best Picture awards:
The only film to win eight Oscars, but not Best Picture:
The only person nominated as a producer, director, writer and actor for the same film:
The only winner ever to accept with one-armed pushups on stage:
The only film to win Best Picture without any female roles;
The only person to win an Oscar for acting and writing:
The only living person with eight awards:
The only actor with two posthumous nominations:
The only person with more than 15 nominations for Best Original Screenplay:
The only man to win a Best Actor award for acting in a foreign language film:
The only woman to win an acting award over the age of 80:
The only musical to win Best Picture in the last 40 years:
The only African-American man with two acting awards:
The only actress to win an award for playing another Academy Award winner:
The only person to receive four acting awards:
The only man nominated for Best Actor four consecutive years:
The only man to win three Best Actor Oscars:
The only actor to win consecutive Best Actor awards since WWII:
The only living person with 50+ nominations:

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