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Can you name the movies containing the word 'Son'?

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_____ Finds a Son1939: Johnny Weissmuller
_____ Son1986: Matt Dillon
Son of the _____2005: Alan Cumming
Son in _____1993: Pauly Shore
Son of the Pink _____1993: Roberto Benigni
The Son of No _____2011: Channing Tatum
Son of _____1937: Boris Karloff
Mole ____ Against the Son of Hercules1961: Mark Forest
The _____ Son1993: Macaulay Culkin
The Sons of Katie _____1965: John Wayne
Son of _____1943: Lon Chaney
_____ & Sons1992: Jeff Goldblum
Son of _____1967: Tadao Takashima
The Son of _____ Cristo1940: Joan Bennett
Like _____, Like Son1987: Dudley Moore
Sons of _____ Mexico1949: Gene Autry
Son of _____1952: Bob Hope
Son of _____1963: Fred MacMurray
Big _____ Like Father, Like Son2011: Martin Lawrence
Son of _____1945: 'Pal' the dog

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