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QUIZ: Can you name the U.S. Presidents who are known or suspected to have killed another person (in any capacity, including military service), based upon the factual clues given?

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Though he worked as a surveyor and a farmer, his long military career makes it likely that he belongs on this list.The most likely times would have been the Battle of Jumonville Glen and Fort Necessity in the French & Indian War.
Though he had been an educator, and President of what is now Hiram College, he read up on military tactics prior to the Civil War.During the war, he led cavalry charges at Jenny's Creek and Middle Creek, though it is not known whether he, personally, fired upon the Confederates.
As commander of an artillery battery during World War I, he commanded his unit at the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.If causing the death of the enemy's soldiers through artillery fire can be counted, then he belongs on this list.
Leaving his law practice in Cincinnati, this Delaware, Ohio native commanded the 23rd Ohio, which included future President William McKinley.He saw action at Carnifex Ferry, Bull Run and South Mountain, but was injured and out of action at Antietam.
Prior to the Civil War, he worked on his father's Indiana farm and studied law. He was appointed to a command position during the war and eventually led his troops in battle.Among those battles were Resaca, Cassville, New Hope Church, Lost Mountain, Kennesaw Mountain, Marietta, Peachtree Creek, Atlanta and Nashville. It is not known whether he personally engaged the Confederate Army.
The youngest Navy aviator at the time, and decorated with a distinguished flying cross, his inclusion on this list is nearly certain.He flew nearly 60 bomber missions during WWII during which he dropped an untold amount of munitions in the Pacific, including at the Battle of the Philippine Sea.
Though best known for his role as a General in the Civil War, he had several combat opportunities following his gradution from West Point.He saw combat at Resaca de la Palma and bombarded Mexican troops with a cannon at San Cosmé.
As a Rough Rider, he participated in, and killed multiple men, during the Battle of San Juan Hill.Unlike others on this list, he boasted of his participation and of his success in killing the enemy.
Though he had been a postal clerk and a teacher in Poland, Ohio, he joined the 23rd Ohio during the Civil War.His battlefield action Carnifex Ferry, Bull Run and Antietam make him a likely, but not certain, member of this club.
Under the command of Gen. Washington, he killed at least one, and possibly several, Hessians at the Battle of Trenton.Badly wounded, the famous John Trumbull painting shows him being helped off the field while Washington watches from his horse.
He likely killed at least one person in his military career, at New Orleans or elsewhere.But he is known to have killed Charles Dickinson in an 1806 duel over a horse racing wager (and his wife's honor).
One of only two men on this list for actions outside of warfare, his inclusion comes from his duties as Sheriff of Erie County, New York (Buffalo).There he personally carried out the executions of three convicted criminals, beginning with Patrick Morrisey in 1872.
Though his Presidency was short, his military career was long and storied.It cannot be known for sure whether he fired a fatal shot, but he saw action in the Northwest Indian War, including the battles of Fallen Timbers and Tippecanoe.
Having joined the Army at age 24 in 1808, he is another likely (nearly certain?) member of this list for whom a definitive fatal shot is not documented due to the nature of warfareHe served in the War of 1812, the Black Hawk War, the Second Seminole War and the Mexican-American War.

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