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Can you name the nicknames of these Baseball Hall of Famers?

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Hall of FamerMissing Nickname
Adrian Constantine '_____' Anson
Reginald Martinez 'Mr. _____' Jackson
George Herman '_____' Ruth
Richard William '_____' Marquard
Charles Leo '_____' Hartnett
Joseph Michael '_____' Medwick
Edward Charles '_____' Ford
Harold Henry '_____ _____' Reese
Edwin Donald '_____' Snider
Lawrence Peter '_____' Berra
John Peter '_____' Wagner
Leo Ernest 'The _____' Durocher
Leon Allen '_____' Goslin
Walter James Vincent '_____' Maranville
Tyrus Raymond 'The _____ _____' Cobb
Hall of FamerMissing Nickname
Jay Hannah '_____' Dean
Robert William Andrew '_____ _____' Feller
James Augustus '_____' Hunter
Charles Albert '_____' Bender
Leroy Robert '_____' Paige
Carlton Ernest '_____' Fisk
Phillip Francis '_____' Rizzuto
William Henry '_____ _____' Keeler
Joseph Paul '_____ _____' DiMaggio
Theodore Samuel 'The _____ _____' Williams
James '_____ _____' Bell
John Franklin '_____ _____' Baker
Gary Edmund 'The _____' Carter
George Lee '_____' Anderson
Mordecai Peter Centennial '_____ _____' Brown

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