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Description Disney Movie % Correct
Flying boy kidnaps children, feeds ship captain to hungry crocodile.Peter Pan
Aided by mischievous genie, fake prince ousts Grand Vizier, seduces princess.Aladdin
Man attacks beasts only to find they are led by ape-man who steals girl and hangs man on jungle vine.Tarzan
Eerie cat gives bad advice to girl who, lost in forest, is attacked by evil queen. In the end, it's all a dream- or is it?Alice in Wonderland
Cross-dressing soldier summons ancient guardian, kills hundreds in massive avalanche.Mulan
Agent of hell seduces strong-man, luring him to his death in the underworld.Hercules
Wild boy is raised by wolves, goes on rampage destroying ancient ruins and burning animals with fire.The Jungle Book
Not content with patricide, prince hurls uncle off of cliff, bellows in triumph.The Lion King
Mean prince enslaves bookish girl, orders servants not to feed her, fights her rescuer who falls to his death.Beauty and the Beast
Hideous creature talks to statues, frightens crowd, stalks woman, hurls jurist to his death.The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Summoned spirits turn girl to amphibian, kill heroic bug, drag man to hell.The Princess and the Frog
Description Disney Movie % Correct
Woodland gang worships corpse, kills queen, hides in forest.Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Dog betrays old friend, tirelessly hunts him, doesn't care if he really did it.The Fox and the Hound
Twisted by the death of his mother, hero goes on a murderous rampage killing deer and dogs alike.Bambi
Alien scientist creates indestructable creature, exiles creature to an unwitting and unprepared Earth.Lilo & Stitch
Crazed girl runs away from home, beats man with frying pan, becomes horse whisperer.Tangled
Ferocious cats seek aid from poisoned mouse and drunk gander, trap man and ship him to certain death.The Aristocats
Enlivened by mystical forces and marred by a fib-induced facial deformity, a boy is enslaved and then transformed by the occult into animal form.Pinocchio
Vulpine scoundrel leads jail break, masterminds coup of would-be Lion King.Robin Hood
Princess forgoes culture, stalks murderous prince, abandons family.The Little Mermaid
Magic summons a flood, party-goers are attacked by lightning and evil spirits rise from the grave!Fantasia
Crazed mother attacks taunting boys, is locked up to protect son who has mad hallucinations.Dumbo

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