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Can you name whether these box office records are held by a movie in the Star Wars franchise (S) or not (N)?

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RecordStar Wars or Not?Record Info
Largest Opening Weekend- Domestic$247,966,675
Largest Worldwide Gross$2,787,965,087
Largest Opening Weekend- Foreign$316,102,740
Largest Spring Opening Weekend$152,535,747
Largest Domestic Gross$906,723,400
Largest Domestic Gross- Adjusted for Inflation$1,757,788,200
Largest Domestic Gross- PG-13 rating$906,723,400
Largest Domestic Gross- PG rating$474,544,677
Largest Domestic Gross- G rating$422,783,777
Largest Domestic Opening Weekend- July$169,187,427
Largest Thanksgiving Opening$93,590,387
Largest Second Weekend$149,202,860
Largest Fourth Weekend$50,306,217
Largest Eighth Weekend$23,027,838
Top Theater Average (Wide Release)$59,982
Smallest 2nd Week Drop (Wide Release)+216%
Largest Domestic Box Office: Pre-1980$460,998,007
Highest Grossing Movie Franchise Domestic$3,594,200,000
Most Weekends at #116
Largest Single Day (Domestic)$119,119,282
Largest Opening Thursday (Domestic)$50,013,859
Largest Opening Christmas Day (Domestic)$49,325,663
Largest Saturday (Domestic)$69,644,830
Largest 10-Day Gross (Domestic)$540,058,914
Widest Release: PG rated (Domestic)4,529

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