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Can you name the relocations, replacements and expansions that made the NHL what it is today?

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The original four teams were the Montreal Canadiens, the Montreal Wanderers, the Ottawa Senators and a Toronto club that did not have an official nickname. The Wanderers disbanded part way through the season when their arena was destroyed in a fire.
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NHL StatusNHL Move
1919- The Toronto club is purchased by this amateur Toronto team (not on March 17th)
1919- The NHA's Quebec Athletic Club joins the league using this canine nickname
1920- The Quebec club is sold and moves to Ontario becoming this club
1924- Expansion brings a second club to Montreal, using this colorful nickname
1924- This first American club takes the league to a balanced six teams
1925- The league moves into Pittsburgh, borrowing this seafaring name from baseball
1925- The Big Apple gets a team, using this current Rochester nickname
1926- This second New York team is named for their owner, 'Tex' Rickard
1926- Hockey gets to the Windy City as this Native American named club joins the league
1926- This motor city team is born- but using a feline, not avian nickname
1927- Conn Smythe buys the Toronto club and adopts this name in honor of a WW1 unit
1930- The Pittsburgh club moves to Philly and adopts this religiously historical name
1932- Having been the 'Falcons' for 2 years, Detroit adds wheels to wings and takes this name
1934- Money forces the Senators to move to this U.S. city and become the 'Eagles'
1941- They don't really move, but one New York club changes their named location to this
1942- Three clubs have folded, reducing the league to a group of teams known by this name
1967- Expansion! Six teams are added including this Brotherly Love club
1967- Expansion! Six teams are added including this royal west coast club
1967- Expansion! Six teams are added including this one named for a W.C. Handy song
1967- Expansion! Six teams are added including this one derived from the motto 'L'√Čtoile du Nord'
1967- Expansion! Six teams are added including this flightless one
1967- Expansion! Six teams are added including this Oakland/California club
1970- The Niagara Frontier adds this well-armed team
1970- This Canadian club is purchased from the WHL and joins the league
1972- NYC expands back to two clubs with the additional of this East Division club
1972- Hockey comes to the south with this club named for the burning of its home city
NHL StatusNHL Move
1974- Hockey gets presidential with this club joining the Norris Division
1974- Hockey lands in the great plains (briefly) with the addition of this club
1976- The California club heads to Ohio and (briefly) becomes this franchise
1976- Scouting no more; the club moves to the mountains and takes this name
1979- Merger! The WHA disbands and this french-named team joins the NHL
1979- Merger! The WHA disbands and this Cetacean hunting team joins the NHL
1979- Merger! The WHA disbads and this fossil fueled team joins the NHL
1979- Merger! The WHA disbands and this high flying team joins the NHL
1980- Flame-out; the franchise is extinguished in Atlanta and heads north of the border to this city
1982- The goalie made me do it; the Rockies move east and become this team
1991- 'Jaws' on ice; the Smythe division gets this new Bay area team
1992- Hockey returns to Canada's capital as this team joins the Adams Division
1992- What, no thunder? This team joins the NHL's Norris Division
1993- The league takes its skates to South Beach as this team joins the Atlantic Division
1993- Falling Stars; the club leaves Minnesota and settles south in this city
1993- Can Mickey skate? This team joins the NHL's Pacific Division
1995- Nor-don'ts; Quebec heads west and becomes this snowy franchise
1996- A howling crash; the Jets bolt Winnipeg and become this franchise
1997- Whaling is outlawed as warnings are posted for this new franchise name & location
1998- The league expands again as this new team is on the hunt in the Central Division
1999- Georgia state bird is the inspiration for this expansion franchise
2000- A return to the north; you just can't tame this new club in the Northwest Division
2000- Gen. Grant would be proud; Ohio gets a team again with this expansion franchise
2011- Ready for takeoff; the Thrashers move to Canada and this team is reborn
2017- I'd wager it was a gamble when the NHL decided to bet high with this expansion team

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