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Can you name the movies with 'less' in their title?

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1993Tom Hanks/Nora Ephron
1981Sharon Stone/Wes Craven
2011Bradley Cooper/Neil Burger
2006Morgan Freeman/Brad Silberling
1987Andrew McCarthy/Marek Kanievska
1986Marlee Matlin/Randa Haines
1993Jeff Bridges/Peter Weir
1995Alicia Silverstone/Amy Heckerling
1983Richard Gere/Jim McBride
2011Jesse Eisenberg/Ruben Fleischer
1989Judd Nelson/William Lustig
1997Ewan McGregor/Danny Boyle
2004Jim Carrey/Michel Gondry
1994Michael Keaton/Ron Underwood
1953Rock Hudson/Raoul Walsh
1986Danny DeVito/David Zucker
1998Marlon Wayans/Penelope Spheeris
2008Larry the Cable Guy/Charles Carner
2000Kim Basinger/Chuck Russell
1981Brooke Shields/Franco Zeffirelli

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