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Can you name the novels that Yoda is reading from?

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Yoda's takeNovelAuthor
'Ishmael, you should call me.'
'Cold, bright, April day it was. Striking thirteen, the clocks were.'
'The best of times, it was. Yet, the worst of times, it was also. Yeesssssss.'
'For the end of innocence ralph wept, of man's heart the darkness, and of the true the fall through the air, wise friend called piggy. Yeesssssss.'
'Spider's life, help being something of a mess, cannot. By helping you, trying to lift up my life a trifle, perhaps I was. Yes, hmmm.'
'Every time a child says, in fairies 'I believe not,' a fairy, somewhere, falls down dead.'
'Entirely a matter of chance, happiness in marriage is. Herh herh herh.'
'All the same, for brains instead of a heart I shall ask; for a fool would know not what to do with a heart, had he one. Yes, hmmm.'
'Is Mr. Heathcliff a man, hmm? If so, mad is he, hmm? And if not, devil is he, hmm? Hmmmmmm?'
'Enemies, all men are. Comrades, all animals are. Herh herh herh.'
Yoda's takeNovelAuthor
'To rule them all one ring, to find them one ring, to bring them all and in the darkness bind them one ring. Yeesssssss.'
'To be rude or anything I want not, but - not a great time, this is, for me to be having a house elf in my bedroom.'
'The courtroom, it is, one place where man should get a square deal, any color he be.'
'Infinite majesty and calm, Deep Thought has. '42', it's answer will be. Yesss.'
'Sir peter wolf's-bane, rise up. Whatever happens, to wipe your sword, never forget.'
'Cheap, darkness is, and Scrooge liked it. Yes, hmmm.'
'For one, all. For all, one. Our motto, is that. Herh, herh, herh.'
'However long, lived she, always felt, did Mary, that the first morning her garden grew, she should not forget.'
'Love at first sight, it was, first time Yossarian saw the Chaplain.'
'Hmmm... Watson, share my love of all that is bizarre and outside the conventions of everyday life, you do.'

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