Justifying the Means: History

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Can you name the historical people from the bad acts they committed to achieve success?

Updated Mar 15, 2012

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'Bad' Act(s)PersonBut...
Stole from the richGave to the poor
Exposed herself to massive radiation resulting in aplastic anemiaFirst person to win two Nobel Prizes and the only one ever to win in two sciences
Bought Alaska in major 'folly'Alaska has oil! Not a folly after all
Destroyed Tyre, besieged GazaEstablished Hellenistic Empire
Arrested by Louis XVI for going to AmericaServed American Revolution as aide-de-camp
Owned slaves at Virginia estatePenned 1784 ordinance banning slavery
Arrested 30 times in places like Birmingham, Montgomery, and AtlantaWas leader of American Civil Rights movement, saw enaction of Civil Rights Act of 1964, birthday is a national holiday
Committed treason, led rebellionLed America to independence, served as first president
Excommunicated by Pope Leo XBegan Protestant Reformation
Led discovery of new destructive weaponFounded World Academy of Art and Science in 1960
Rode naked through the streets of CoventryConvinced husband to lift oppressive taxes
Shot crossbow bolt at son's fruit-covered headInspired rebellion and formation of Swiss confederation
Broke up the BeatlesHad great success with 'Imagine' and 'Happy XMas'
Fraternized with prostitutes, worked on the Sabbath, overturned tables of money changersFounded Christian Church, according to whose doctrines he was resurrected to save humankind
Used 'horizontal integration' to control oil industryBecame great philanthropist, donated more than $550 million
Authored banned book, found 'vehemently suspected of heresy'Father of modern science and astronomy, discovered moons of Jupiter
Led ANC's armed struggle, jailed for 27 yearsHelped end apartheid, served 5 years as president
Got very lost, never found IndiesEstablished European contact with New World
Signed death warrant for Charles ITurned England into a republican commonwealth
Crossed Rubicon, started a civil warFounded Imperial Dynasty
Authorized destruction of Southern infrastructure, suspended writ of habeas corpusPreserved the Union, freed slaves

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