If Movie Characters Had Google

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Can you name the following movies based on searches their characters would make if they had access to Google?

Updated Mar 1, 2012

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Google searchMovie
Are these the droids we're looking for?
Wheeeerrrrre's Johnny?
Removing slime stains from proton packs
Offers I can't refuse
What does napalm smell like in the morning?
Are we going to need a bigger boat?
Is there a Sanity Clause?
Do I feel lucky?
DIY CO2 scrubbers
How to see icebergs in the dark
DeLorean modification schematics
Are we on a Mission from God?
Google searchMovie
Getting blood stains out of a chipper-shredder
What is my major malfunction?
Where the heck is Radiator Springs?
Somethin' 'bout birthin' babies!
Have I heard anythin' yet?
What stuff are dreams made of?
Can you milk anything with nipples?
If I build it, who will come?
He knows I am, but what is he?
Where is the six-fingered man?
Who is the fairest one of all?
Do they have to show me stinkin' badges?

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