A Fifth of Television

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Can you name the TV shows when given every 5th word from the beginning of their theme songs?

Updated Aug 15, 2012

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TV FifthsTV Shows
Just, you’ll, tale, that, port
Making, world, got, all, help
Our, a, nearly, expansion, began
A, course, one, horse, of
Baby, wondered, I’m, in, got
Green, for, the, spreadin’, wide
Come, that, tracks, junction, it
You, take, them, have, the
It’s, howdy, and, do, a
They’re, mysterious, together, their, where
Love, marriage, horse, tell, have
Boy, played, hit, we, were
Well, to, deluxe, movin’, east
TV FifthsTV Shows
One, six, hassenfeffer, it, we’ll
Sunday, Wednesday, happy, day, you
It’s, day, any, newspaper, of
Whatever, milkman, everywhere, go, hand
Hey, blues, scrambled, and, bit
Here, the, funniest, meet, monkees
Come, door, you, hers, three’s
Love, aboard, life’s, flow, you
So, life, this, joke, life’s
Come, story, Jed, kept, one
I’m, Park, time, folks, to
Here’s, lovely, up, all, gold
It’s, this, for, be, mine

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