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QUIZ: Can you name the character that the actor portrayed in BETWEEN the two roles that are listed?

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Roles all aroundRole in the middleActor
Henri Young
Kevin Bacon
Joseph Byrne
Orlando Bloom
Red Queen
Bellatrix Lestrange
Helena Bonham Carter
Jack Geismer
Michael Clayton
George Clooney
James Bond
Tony Richmond
Sean Connery
Lestat de Lioncourt
Jerry Maguire
Tom Cruise
Nick Coster
Gloves Donahue
Humphrey Bogart
Pinkie Wingate
Patsy Barton
Judy Garland
P.R. Exec #2
Linus Caldwell
Matt Damon
Johnny Boy
Travis Bickle
Robert DeNiro
Gilbert Grape
Don Juan
Johnny Depp
Steve Lopez
Tony Stark
Robert Downey Jr.
Roles all aroundRole in the middleActor
Han Solo
Rick Deckard
Harrison Ford
Bagger Vance
Agent Jay
Will Smith
Bret Maverick
John Smith
Mel Gibson
Guy Johnson
Tom Destry Jr.
Jimmy Stewart
Bev Kilmartin
Carol Connelly
Helen Hunt
Ian McKellen
Frank Capua
Paul Newman
Maggie Carpenter
Samantha Barzel
Julia Roberts
Lt. Raymond Tango
Angelo Provolone
Sylvester Stallone
Greg Focker
Chas Tenenbaum
Ben Stiller
Sister Aloysius Bouvier
Mrs. Fox
Meryl Streep
Nick Styles
Don Pedro
Denzel Washington

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