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Can you name the Christmas Carols from the manner in which they might have been tweeted if written today?

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Breaking and Entering charges coming for jolly fat man climbing on roofs- ho ho ho, I wouldn't go.
Broken Austrian pipe organ means that evening service will be quiet and holy, just like tender, mild infant.
Not sure what lowing is but probably not sanitary to let this many animals near a newborn.
Bing sings it in Latin, in English we adore Him, adore Him, adore Him.
Lazy world should stop laying about pining in sin and error.
Longfellow wrote saddened by son's injury. Spirits lifted when wild and sweet the words repeat.
Even in vespers, we're paying ransom for a captive nation mourning in exile.
Not Handel but Watts who says planet should receive her King and every heart prepare.
Random kid with annoying instrument is totally cramping our gift-giving style. Pum pum pum pum.
You may have no place to go, but I have to get to work. Stop egging on bad winter weather!
Mendelssohn wrote tune for Guttenberg, not Wesley poem. God, sinners, reconciled anyway.
Bohemian leader actually murdered in fratricide. Hopefully, death not actually on feast of Stephen. Frost wasn't only thing cruel.
Gaspar, Melchior and Balthasar, bearing gifts and travel through moors and mountains, but where do the fountains come from?
Magic hats and singing water are no excuse for jaywalking with a broomstick.
Only Mel Torme would put a turkey and some mistletoe in the same line while dressed as an Eskimo.
Victorian baker's apprentice wants celestial visitors to wing flight over entire planet.
Goose is yummy. I like milk. Not sure what to do with dancing royalty and fowl in fruit trees.
Johnny Marks strikes again with bullied, malformed ungulate that can fly.
Really much too cold outside to be in open sleigh and that one horse is probably awfully tired.
Massachusetts Bishop went to Holy Land then wrote in his dark and dreamless sleep.

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