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Yoda lyricsSong title#1 Artist/Year
'Hear about Louis Miller, did you? Disappeared, he did. After all his money, he obtained.'
'See the shackles, you do. Your slave, I am. Let you whip me if I misbehave, will I.'
'About to give you all my money I am. And asking in return honey, all I am, is to give me my propers when you get home.'
'Not what good girls do, it is. How they should behave, it is not. So confused- hard to obey, it is.'
'In love with him, I know you are, because, dancing in the gym I saw you. Kicked off your shoes you both did. Rhythm and blues, do I dig.'
'By the way I use my walk, you can tell, woman's man—no time to talk, I am.'
'Talk to me until the sun rises, who will? Take your place, who will? No one better, there is.'
'Got to be cool relax I have. Get hip, my tracks get on. Back seat, take. Hitch-hike, and long ride on my motor bike, take.'
'Burning, it has been, since the turning began. Light it, we did not. Fight it, we tried. Yesss.'
'Say you need no diamond ring and satisfied I will be. Tell me that you want the kind of thing that bought by money, cannot be. Yeesssssss.'
Yoda lyricsSong title#1 Artist/Year
'Model, I am, know what I mean, you do. My little turn on the catwalk, I do. Yes, on the catwalk. Yes, hmmm.'
'And in bloom, now that your rose is. Light hits the gloom on the gray. So much a man can tell you, there is, so much, say, can he.'
'Love them, you say, but know, do you really, everything that once mattered, does not matter anymore. Yesss.'
'Onto the bus, you must hop, Gus. You need not discuss much. The key, drop off, Lee. Free, you must get yourself. Yes, hmmm.'
'Yes, so crazy right now, is it. Most incredibly, your girl, it is, Bee. Your boy, it is, young. You ready, hmm?'
'And to answer right now just to tell you once again, the whole world has, who I sense is not good.'
'Close your eyes, you do not, when your lips I kiss. Tenderness, there is no longer, in your fingertips.'
'In New York City, I awoke. In a hotel, funky and cheap, I was. Took my money and heart, she did.'
'Every move you make, every vow you break, be watching you, I will. Yes. Herh, herh herh.'
'Be a drag, do not. Be a queen, you must. Do not!'

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