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Can you name the Supreme Court Justices?

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Hint (Before)JusticeHint (After)
Naval Jones who had 'not yet begun to fight'Gitarzan singer Ray
In exclusive club with Sean, George, Timothy, Roger and DanielCinderella Bulldogs college of '09-'10 March Madness
Upstream spawning fishFirst host of SNL's Weekend Update
Herman who wrote Moby DickDoor-to-door brush man
A metal pole in a 'burning' plantCapital district namesake
Oscar's oddly coupled roommateHotdog or resident of German city
Kennedy assassination commissionGround beef patty (not containing pig)
Batman's loyal butlerRoger, Dudley or Mary Tyler
Lane who played Detroit of same nameBig red dog of children's fiction
Beaver Cleaver's dadActivity for those who don't like to Gather
Hint (Before)JusticeHint (After)
French king and Gateway saintWaltham, Mass research University
Harry, Beatrix or Sherman T.Daily Show host Jon
Saint stoned to death in book of ActsAll-natural ice cream maker (sans 's')
Theatrical boy who'd like, 'a little more, please'Sharp, sophisticated, sleuthy Sherlock
Angel who spoke to Zacharias and MaryActor Robert, Oscared for 'Tender Mercies'
Les Mis author VictorUnlucky cat or burned out dwarf star
Last name of A-Team's Hannibal and Matrix' agentSenator/Actor Fred of Law & Order
Eldest MalfoyHedy, Hedley or Odom
Adams, Adams, Tyler or KennedyBlue avian mascot of Toronto baseball
Coupled with Mary in higher educationPortrayer of Holmes, Van Helsing and Tarkin

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