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Can you name the movies that Blake Edwards directed?

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YearMovieLead Actor/Actress
1955Frankie Laine
1956Frankie Laine
1957Tony Curtis
1958Debbie Reynolds
1958Tony Curtis
1959Cary Grant
1960Bing Crosby
1961Audrey Hepburn
1962Glenn Ford
1962Jack Lemmon
1963Peter Sellers
1964Peter Sellers
1965Jack Lemmon
1966James Coburn
1967Craig Stevens
1968Peter Sellers
1970Julie Andrews
1971William Holden
1972James Coburn
YearMovieLead Actor/Actress
1974Julie Andrews
1975Peter Sellers
1976Peter Sellers
1978Peter Sellers
1979Bo Derek
1981Julie Andrews
1982Julie Andrews
1982Peter Sellers
1983David Niven
1983Burt Reynolds
1984Dudley Moore
1986Ted Danson
1986Jack Lemmon
1987Kim Basinger
1988Bruce Willis
1989John Ritter
1991Ellen Barkin
1993Roberto Benigni

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