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Invasion VectorMovieVictory Variety
Giant spacecraft blow up NYC before American holidaySurviving US pilots destroy spacecraft
Former priest discovers crop circle made by aliensHumans go 'Dorothy' on aliens and melt them w/water
Giant spacecraft menace Earth to get 'Galaxy'Agents rescue 'Galaxy' from belly of giant space insect
Mechanical aliens land in QatarPuny human destroys alien leader with All Spark
Space parasites take control of high school teachersIllegal drug concocted by student turns out to be cure
Flaming meteor crashes in town- alien ship is insidePut away your hand sanitizer- Earth saved by germs
Gigantic robot probe is sent to find quantoniumGinormica, B.O.B. and Dr. Cockroach called into service
Aliens move into South Africa, set up houseHumans conduct evil experiments, evict aliens- but are they really gone?
Gort! Klaatu barada nikto! Humans are warned not to exploit scientific discoveries- threatened with destruction
Aliens land in Nevada then obliterate CongressSlim Whitman = exploding alien brains
Aliens enslave Earth, use humans to mine goldHumans find fully equipped underground military base, learn to fly in just one week
Aliens come to cemetery, make zombiesOfficers abandon guns, attack aliens with sticks, fire of unknown origin destroys alien ship
Giant circus tent lands in sleepy town, aliens shoot cotton candy rayPolice officer stuffs badge up nose of giant alien, causing it to explode
Giant gelatinous amoeba attacks PennsylvaniaAlien doesn't like cold- is frozen with fire extinguishers
Pod lands in Central American jungle, alien fights Special Forces UnitFormer California Governor destroys alien in hand to hand combat
Alien crashes in Arctic, gets melted out of iceIt's a plant! Soldiers in outpost destroy it with electricity
Three aliens arrive from destroyed planet to enslave EarthHero from same planet removes glasses, dons suit, defeats invaders
Replacements for humans grown in giant podsCalifornia doctor escapes, warns authorities
Humans controlled by alien subliminal messagingPro Wrestler finds subliminal-revealing sunglasses
Aliens send machine to Earth to capture all energyScientists reverse polarity of machine causing it to feed upon itself and explode

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Tags:alien, Invasion, Variety, Victory

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