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Can you name the relocations, replacements and expansions that made the NBA what it is today?

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The original eleven teams were in Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Providence, Toronto, Boston, Chicago, St. Louis, Cleveland, Detroit and Pittsburgh.
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NBA StatusNBA Move
1947- Reach for the sky! This team joins the BAA as four others fold
1948- Royalty comes to the BAA as this city gains a franchise
1948- The Land of 10,000 welcomes this team to the BAA
1948- The Pistons join the league, but in this city rather than in Detroit
1948- A Hoosier two-fer; the Jets land in this Indiana city
1949- Merger Time! This upstate NY city features the Nationals
1949- Merger Time! Indy gets this new team, but its logo has no interlocking rings
1949- Merger Time! The Tri-Cities club carries this nickname borrowed from the NHL
1949- Merger Time! The Anderson club lasts only one NBA season using this nickname borrowed from the NFL
1949- Merger Time! Boy oh Boy, the Redskins didn't last long in this Wisconsin city
1949- Merger Time! Rocky Mountain original- this team's 1st try lasted only two years
1951- The Hawks take flight and leave the Tri-Cities for this city
1957- Misfiring pistons; the team leaves Indiana and heads to this motor city
1957- A Royal Pain, the club heads to Ohio and lands in this city
1960- Not so many lakes, but one big honkin' ocean- the Lakers pack up and move here
1961- First Packers, then Zephyrs; this windy city gets an NBA Franchise
1962- Westward Warriors; Philly packs it up and heads west to this city
1963- The Nationals head south replacing the Warriors in this city
1963- Bang! The Chicago club shoots its way to this city
1966- Expansion! The windy city gets this new franchise
1967- Expansion! The Rockets take off from this city
1967- Expansion! This team arrives in the northwest faster than the speed of sound
1968- Fly South! The Hawks take wing from Milwaukee and land here
1968- Expansion! Deer, deer, deer; this club joins the Eastern Division
1968- Expansion! This club also rises in the NBA's Western Division
1970- Expansion! It's a Brave new world as the NBA adds the Braves in this city
1970- No mistake by this lake, the NBA adds this franchise
NBA StatusNBA Move
1970- New trails are blazed as this city gets a team in the NBA's Pacific Division
1971- The Warriors move across the bay and take on this name
1971- The Rockets blast off from their original home and land in this Lone Star locale
1972- Royal Pain part II, the Royals move to Kansas City and take on this equally regal nickname
1973- The Bullets move to Landover and become this team
1974- This team comes marching in to the NBA's Central Division
1976- The league is spurred to merge with the ABA bringing this Texas club along
1976- There's gold in that there merger- this Rocky Mountain club comes from the ABA too
1976- The ABA merger also brings this New York/New Jersey club
1976- The final ABA club plays in Indy and is known as this
1978- Brave no more; the team moves to San Diego and takes on this nickname
1979- Jazz hands! The team moves west to become this club
1980- Expansion! Even John McCain would like this new Texas club
1984- The San Diego franchise heads up I-5 to this city
1985- My kingdom for a city! The Kings pack up and head for this west coast location
1988- Expansion! The Hornets sting this city with a new NBA franchise
1988- Expansion! The NBA takes its talents to South Beach with this club
1989- Expansion! It's nothing but Magic as the NBA comes to this city
1989- Expansion! The twin-cities get this club in the Midwest Division
1995- Canada bound- The NBA adds two Canadian teams, this one in Ontario
1995- Canada bound- The NBA adds two Canadian teams, this one in British Colombia
1995- The only shots are on the court- the Bullets take on this new name
2001- The Hornets relocate to this Mississippi River city
2001- The Grizzlies head south of the border to this city
2004- Charlotte gets a new club, taking on this animal name
2009- Faster than lightning, the Sonics move and become this franchise
2012- The Nets move again and take on this borough-full name

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