Strange Wildlife

Can you name the strange, not so well-known animals?

InfoAnimalNative To
Resembling an anteater, this prickly critter is actually an egg-laying monotreme.Australia & New Guinea
A cute-looking marsupial similar to a flying squirrel, it has become a popular pet in recent years.Australia
A not-so-cute, long-nosed, ratlike insectivore that is a threatened species.Caribbean (Cuba & Hispaniola)
This gliding mammal is a secretive nocturnal creature distantly related to primates.Southeast Asia
A timid, slow-moving, nocturnal, insect-eating tree-dweller.India & Southeast Asia
A wide-eyed, big-eared primate with elongated middle fingers designed for bug-hunting.Madagascar
Covered with thick, armored scales, this passive animal is an insectivore.Africa & Asia
The largest living rodent, resembling a pig or a sheep more so than a rodent.South America
A spotted whale with an enormous, spiraled horn, often mistaken for a unicorn's.Arctic seas
The smallest species of bear, with yellow markings and a long tongue for eating insects.Southeast Asia
A stout, black bearlike mammal with shaggy fur and a long tailSoutheast Asia
Resembling the fiercer hyena, this animal is a timid insect-eater.Africa
A lithe, medium-sized cat with big tufted ears. It can leap up to ten feet to catch birds.Africa & Asia
A tiny rodent-like mammal that dwells in rocky areas. It is referenced in the Bible.Africa & the Middle East
A nearly hairless hog with tusks that curve into its face.Southeast Asia
A graceful, fleet-footed herbivore that was eventually domesticated into the alpaca.South America
The smallest species of deer, almost the size of a cat.South America
A large, reclusive animal described as a 'forest zebra,' it is actually a cousin of the giraffe.Central Africa
InfoAnimalNative To
An enormous wild ox, the largest member of the Bovidae family.India & Southeast Asia
A relic of the Ice Age, this small antelope has an enlarged, almost trunk-like snout.Central Asia
A woolly bovine with powerful horns, they band together to defend their calves from wolves.Arctic
A large, flightless bird with a colorful head, it is a highly aggressive animal and does not hesitate to attack humans.New Guinea & Australia
A black, red-chested seabird that inflates its throat to attract females.Tropical oceans
A huge, bald-headed stork that behaves similarly to a vulture.Africa
The largest species of eagle, able to snatch monkeys right out of the trees.Central & South America
An oddly-named bird that preys on snakes, killing them by stomping wildly on them.Africa
A large flightless parrot, nearly extinct, that extracts juices from plants for nourishment.New Zealand
A strange, prehistoric-looking bird that dwells in the trees and has tiny claws on its wings.South America
Named for the shape of its tail, this amazing bird can mimic nearly any audible sound.Australia
The only surviving member of its order, this is an ancient reptile resembling a lizard.New Zealand
This bright green lizard is famous for its ability to sprint rapidly over water.Central America
A tiny turtle distinguished by its bizarre head, embellished with sensory skin flaps and a snorkel-like nose.South America
A small, sluggish snake with wrinkled, elephant-like skin. It is aquatic, helpless out of the water.Australia
A plump, pink salamander that retains its external gills and flat tail even as an adult.Mexico (Lake Xochimilco)
This toad's body is as flat as a pancake, and it is adapted to an entirely aquatic lifestyle.South America
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