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Cartoon Character - _______ The Explorer
$$ Small Lightweight Fishing boat $$
Arboreal Parrot with Brush-tipped Tongue
JRR Tolkien's ______ of the Rings
Fat from the Abdomen of a Pig
Solid Surface of Earth
Magic Stick-like Structure used by Wizards
Moving Air
Not Domestic but ____
$$ Jaden Smith's Father _____ Smith $$
Deep hole to store Ground Water
Place of Eternal Torment in an Afterlife
Fifth Studio Album of Beatles (1965)
Loki's Daughter (Marvel Comics)
Spanish word for 'Hello'
Bull-Worshipped Festival in the Indian state of Maharashtra
Burmese Volcano in the Pegu Range
$$ Affectionate Term for Father $$
Four Stringed Chinese Musical Instrument
Leaning Tower of ______
Second Child of Homer and Marge Simpson
Author of 'Dear Mr Capote' - Gordon ______
Aquatic Animal with Fins and Gills
Hand closed Tightly with Fingers on Palm

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