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Can you name the 3- and 4-letter words for each of these clues in order to form a larger word in this themed ladder?

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For Example: Body of water / Metal Container would be GULF, TIN, so you would type GULF TIN to get the answer. These two words are independent from each other, but may form a larger word at another point in the ladder.
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Hints4-Letter Word3-Letter Word
Trivia quiz website launched in 2007
A small blemish / Used in Snooker or Pool
Remnants of combustion of coal / A baby bear
Arrange or organise / Plastic container
Painful / A tag or label
The male parent of an animal / To pat gently
Trigonometric function / Contains a body of water
What a musician does / Not very clever
What a telephone does / The edge of an object
There are 15 of these in this ladder / Alcoholic beverage
Dangled / Your 'behind' or another term for a tramp
Search for / An undeveloped plant
Eight, in French / What you sleep on
Give up / Last letter of the alphabet (UK)
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