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Part 1 - Name The Old School Death Metal Band That Made The Song! (Do Not Name The Album)

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Horror Infinity
Satisfaction In The Morgue
Foul Lair
Horrors Of A Retarded Mind
I Bow To None
Still Alive
Bleed For Me
Corpse Under Glass
Words Of Evil
Putried Intercourse
Dead Forever
Slash Dementia
Uncultivated Grave
Bells Of Misery
Wasteland Of Terror
Festering Flesh
Gentle Exhuming
Symbolic Immortality
Dark Eternity
Buried In The Backyard
Shreds Left Behind
Impending Doom
Chopped Up At The Altar
Rotting Ways To Misery
Awakened By Stench
Sworn To The Black
Deep In Your Subconscious
After My Prayers
Performed In Depth
A Small Lunch
In Love
Behind The Light Thou Shall Rise
When Life Has Ceased
Sacrificial Rites
Lost Souls Domain
Tears Of God
In The Shrines Of The Kingly Dead
Broken Hypnosis
Killing Spree
Sold Baptism
Unholy Massacre
Grave With A View
Boiled In Blood
Pestilence And Iniquity
Stiff And Cold
Jesters Of Recession
Decepted By The Cross

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