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This is why you got excommunicatedRemember: A Heresy ends in -ism
Ecclesiological heresy that claims the effectiveness of the sacraments was dependent on the moral character of the minister.
Christological heresy that claims Christ took on a human body but retained a divine soul.
Chritological heresy that claims Christ's two natures were joined in prosoponic (side by side) union rather than hypostatic union.
Gnostic heresy that states Jesus did not have a physical body but was in fact incorporeal.
Anthropological heresy that claims original sin did not taint human nature and that the human will can still choose between good and evil.
Trinitarian heresy that states Jesus was born human and later became the Son of God at his baptism. (Paul of Samosata)
Christological heresy held by Jewish Christians who kept the Law. Jesus was not divine but only human.
Trinitarian heresy that claims the Son was a creation of the Father. (There was a time when the Son was not).
Theological heresy that argues the wrathful God of the Old Testament was different from the loving God of the New Testament. Jesus has rendered the Old Testament obsolete.
Trinitarian heresy that claims God is not three persons but has three distinct modes of revelation.

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