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_______ Missile Crisis: Lowest point of the Cold War
WW1: Russian army _________ first, before other countries
WW2: Cost 1 _________ dollars total
_________ Plan: American loaned money to rebuilding European countries
Systematic murder of Jews by Hitler's regime
A type of co-ordinated land air attack
June 1941: German invasion of _________ ______
September 2nd, _____: End of WW2
WW1: Serbian group called The _______ ______ assassinates Archduke Franz Ferdiand
_______ _________ , the worst economic downturn in American history
_______ Republic replaced by the Nazi Third Reich
Summer 1940: Battle of ________
The Triple Entente consisted of England, France and __________
Russian R.: Josef _______ seizes power by the end
WW1: Austro-Hungary delivers an ___________ to Serbia
Cold War ends with German reunification, allowed by USSR leader _______ _________
Stronger nation seeks to dominate a weaker nation politically
Berlin Wall: Represented the _____ ________ between the West and East
WW1: Britain enters the war when ________ is invaded
December 7, 1941: ________ ________ attacked
Woodrow Wilson submits ________ Points
Russian R.:_________ Party seizes power in Russia
Versailles: France keeps the territory of _______ _________
Benito _________ seizes power in Italy
NATO founded by the Western countries to combat the _______ _____
June 6, 1944: _ ____
Conflict between the Triple Entente and Germany, Austro-Hungary
Economically self-sufficient
Versailles: ______ are paid by Germany to other countries
Vietnam War: South Vietnam and the _____ _______ fight against the Viet Cong

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