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1848, France: ______ _______ used to discuss issues liberals had with the government
Seven week conflict, unified 22 of 39 German states
Two negative outcomes of the Industrial revolution: Prostitution and ____________
1848, France: First Revolution was in the month of __________
Women and children became part of the _________
Second Industrial Revolution: ________ was stronger and lighter than iron, and was used to make weapons
Treaty of Frankfurt: France forced to pay 200 _______ pounds
Chancellor of Germany, led German unification efforts
The inventor of the 'flying shuttle'
Factors of the Industrial Revolution: Freedom of _________
_____ _____ Act 1847: Children can't work more than _____ ______
1848, Hungary: Lajos ________ leads the Hungarian revolution
1848, Reasons for Unrest: ___________ Crises! (money)
1848, France: General Louis Cavaignac crushes the __________
1848: Did anything change? Yes or no?
1848, Hungary: Hungarian army gets to ________, the capital of Austria
First Industrial Revolution:__________ became cheaper and easier to produce with new machines
Factors of the Industrial Revolution: Canals and _______
1848, Reasons for Unrest: ___________ increased rapidly
Second Industrial Revolution: ________ was used to power the telegraph and the telephone
1848, Reasons for Unrest: Ideological challenges in the form of ___________ came forward
The inventor of the steam engine
Jobs in __________ became sparse as cities grew
First Industrial Revolution: Water power became inadequate, and _________ became a new source of power
1848, Austria: Soon weakened and and then ruled by ______ _______ the First
Treaty of Frankfurt: Alsace-Lorraine annexed by the new state of ________
1848, Austria: Constituent assembly is set up and abolishes _________
1848, Reasons for Unrest: ________ization
Politics of reality, used by Bismarck
_______ Report: Report on the working conditions in factories
Treaty of Frankfurt: Ended the Franco-_________ War
Second Industrial Revolution: ________ revolutionized medicine, and advanced sciences
Germany was divided into many states who desired _________
First Industrial Revolution: Coal power, steamships, and railroads made __________ easier
Year long conflict, Alsace and Lorraine taken by Germany
Factors of the Industrial Revolution: Stable ________
_______ enabled quicker movement than roads or canals
The traditional family was replaced by the ________ family
______ class expanded rapidly during the industrial revolution
The inventor of the 'spinning jenny'
Growth of industry encouraged movement by providing _______
Employers paid women and children (less/more?) than men
1848, Austria: _______ _________ Revolution is triggered by the February revolution
Factory Act 1833: Caps on working hours, depending on _________
Factors of the Industrial Revolution: Free flow of ________
1848, Hungary: Hungarians defeated by Austrians and __________

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