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Can you name the prominent scientists of the Scientific Revolution?

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Area and DiscoveryScientistYears
Astronomy - Heliocentric Model1473-1543
Medicine - Modern Anatomy1514-1564
Mathematics - Logarithms1550-1617
Physics - Observational Astronomy1564-1642
Astronomy - Laws of Planetary Motion1571-1630
Medicine - Circulatory System1578-1657
Physics - Barometer1608-1647
Mathematics - Mechanical Calculator1623-1662
Area and DiscoveryScientistYears
Physics - Laws of Pressure and Volume1627-1691
Biology - Microbiology1632-1723
Physics - Laws of Motion1642-1727
Mathematics - Calculus (with above)1646-1716
Physics - Wave Theory of Light1635-1703
Biology - Modern Taxonomy1707-1778
Chemistry - Conservation of Mass1743-1794

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