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Can you name the notable daimyo of the Sengoku period of Japanese history?

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ClanDaimyoNotable for
OdaDriving out last Ashikaga Shogun from Kyoto
HojoLandless 'ronin' who rose to become one of the first daimyo to challenge the Ashikaga Shogunate
TakedaEpic struggle with #1 and #4, use of cavalry tactics in his 'mounted army'
UesugiReputed to be an avatar of war-god Bishamonten, lifelong rivalry with #3
ToyotomiInvasion of Korea
DateMaster tactician known as the 'one-eyed dragon'
ShimazuWarlord from Kyushu who managed to retain power after fighting on the losing side at Sekigahara
SaitoMerchant who ruthlessly built up his feudal power, but was then deposed and killed by his own son
OtomoConverting to Christianity
TokugawaFounding next Shogunate, ending the Sengoku Jidai

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