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Can you name the Ash Ketchum's Pokemon?

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RegionPokemonRandom Trivia
KantoFirst Pokemon
KantoFirst Pokemon Caught/Evolved/Traded/Released
KantoFirst Wild Pokemon Battle
Kanto2nd Longest owned Pokemon
KantoMost moves used
KantoAsh's original choice
KantoOnly water type to evolve under his care
KantoSpent less than an episode as it's pre-evo
KantoHis only Pokemon from the Amorphous egg group
KantoHas 30 of them
Orange IslandsReleased at the end of the Orange Islands
RegionPokemonRandom Trivia
Orange IslandsAsh's heaviest Pokemon
JohtoKnows the two most powerful attacks for it's typings
JohtoOnly Pokemon to evolve during Johto
JohtoTook longest time to evolve
JohtoOnly one of Ash's Pokemon to not stay in a normal Poke Ball
JohtoOnly shiny Pokemon caught by a main character
JohtoOnly Pokemon to stay at Oak's, then come back full time
HoennThunder Armor
HoennFirst fully evolved grass starter
HoennOnly Pokemon caught in the region that could evolved, but didn't
HoennFirst one of Ash's Pokemon to be featured in the TCG
RegionPokemonRandom Trivia
HoennOnly one of his Hoenn Pokemon that was not seen in a movie
KantoTraded to Dawn
SinnohFirst Pokemon's gender that was confirmed with a gender difference
SinnohHad to use its defense instead of speed when it evolved
SinnohFirst Pokemon to be gotten from a rival
SinnohTraded from Dawn
SinnohUsed the most different types of moves
SinnohOnly one of Ash's Sinnoh Pokemon to not battle Paul
UnovaStayed as its first evolution for 21 episodes, same level it evolves
Unova2nd Pokemon to be gotten from the regional professor
UnovaHates losing
RegionPokemonRandom Trivia
UnovaHates trainers that are unworthy of her
UnovaHatched from Ash's second egg
UnovaFirst Pokemon evolve during a gym battle
UnovaBest friends with Cilan's Stunfisk
UnovaAsh's first rock type Pokemon
UnovaTook 62 episodes from it's debut to be captured.
KalosFirst Pokemon caught in Kalos
KalosFirst flying type to win a gym battle before evolving

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