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Can you name the facts about Albania ?

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Official name
Flag colour
Flag colour
Symbol on flag
National hero
Official language
Number of letters in official alphabet
Age of suffrage
Internet TLD
International calling code
Drives on the...
Capital city
2nd largest city (population)
3rd largest city (population)
4th largest city (population)
5th largest city (population)
Largest religion
2nd largest religion
Bordering country
Bordering country
Bordering country
Bordering country
Bordering sea
Bordering sea
Bordering sea
Number of administrative counties
Largest administrative county
Year of independence
Independence day
Independence from...
First & only monarch...
1939 occupied by...
1943 occupied by...
First communist leader
Banned what in 1967 ?
Communist state from 1944 until...
Highest point (2,764 m)
Longest river
Largest island
Largest lake
Deepest lake
Nobel Peace Prize winner
Most popular sport
Number of Olympic medals won
National bird
National drink
National tree
National flower

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