Language Quiz / Word Ladder: Putin to Trump - y'all get scared now ?

Random Language or US Presidents Quiz

QUIZ: Can you get from Putin to Trump ?

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Hint5 Letter Word
2nd & 4th President of Russia
Waxy substance in the cuticle of plants
An attractive person
Unit of radioactivity
Wish misfortune or use profanity
Pucker or somewhere to keep your coins
Blend vegetables to a soft creamy paste
More free from impurities
Less doubtful
More painful or sensitive
Ulcers or no point in opening old...
Arranges systematically
Harbours or more than one bottle of fortified wine
Hint5 Letter Word
Columns or sends a letter
Compensation for legal expenses
Outer garments or covers something
Talks in a friendly or informal manner
Leather leggings or several men
A persons cheeks or cuts into pieces
Cultivated plants or cuts hair short
Annoyed or what the chicken did to the road
Oafish or insensitive to others feelings
Completely fills or studies intensely
Muscle contraction or to limit someone
Vagabond or to walk noisily
45th US President

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