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Can you name the 100 Nu-Metal bands when given 3 song titles?

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Song TitlesBand
Blackout, Bartender, Suck It Up
Into Hell Again, No Light, Redemption
Self-Medicate, We the People, Rope
Giving In, Unstable, Freaking Out
Just So You Know, All Wrapped Up, Loyalty
Hallucinating, Give Me More, Backwards
Seatbelt, Party in the Parking Lot, Wasted Time
Walk Away, Revolution, Carry On
The Red, Point #1, Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)
Loco, Big Truck, Shock the Monkey
No One, Just Got Wicked, Give
Butterfly, Toxic, Drowning
Underlined, Seasons, Breathe
Brother, Pieces, Follow the Sun Down
Feel So Stupid (Table 9), Mario Andretti (Bus driverman), D.I.Y.M.
The Key to Grammercy Park, Brand New Love, Friends
Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away), My Own Summer (Shove It), Change (In the House of Flies)
From the Inside, This Time, Two Angels and a Dream
Down with the Sickness, Prayer, Stupify
Now or Never, Sick, Debonaire
Anger, Empower, Play Big
Medicated, We All Die, Enslaved
Simple Minded, Puller, Diablo Handshake
Bodies, Sinner, Tear Away
Body Crumbles, Sorry, Last Time
Nightmare, Rot, Paper Tiger
Broken Promises, Texas Cries, Killing Me
Malice, Simple Lies, Suffer
Rain, The Melting Tide, Pariah
The Gift, Pathetic, Seem to Be Fine
Double X Minus, The Infinity, Freedom?
Payback, Whole, Recognize
I'm So Sick, Fully Alive, All Around Me
Check Ya, Fleeting Glimpse, Smack
Song TitlesBand
Greed, I Stand Alone, Whatever
Brick by Brick, Celebrate, Let 'Em Know
Pride, Vertigo, This World
What Comes Around, This Time's for Real, How Can I Live
Shutterspeed, Themata, L1FEL1KE
Hang Time, Walk, Steamroller
Brackish, Paperdoll, What I Always Wanted
Freak on a Leash, Blind, Got the Life
Breathless, Boring, Not Like You
Nookie, Sour, Rollin'
Fantasma, 66 (diabolus in musica), Inno All'Ordio
Crawling, In the End, Papercut
Like a Disease, Black All Over, Personal Jesus
Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja, The Fake Sound of Progress, Last Train Home
Down, Suffocate, No Name
Dig, Not Falling, Happy?
Dead in Hollywood, White Wedding, Slit My Wrist
Simple Survival, Solitaire/Unraveling, Sun Doesn't Rise
Get Up, Far Away, G-Hole
What a Day, The Truth, Bullet with a Name
Chemical, Down on Me, Cut
Bleeder, Pacifier, Ether
We Bounce, Fish Out of Water, I Wear My Skin
Stitches, Fiction (Dreams in Digital), Blue Monday
Alive, Youth of the Nation, Southtown
Last Resort, She Loves Me Not, Broken Home
When Worlds Collide, Free, Bombshell
Tonz of Fun, Soundcheck, One Final Breath
Beat the World, Melt Me Down, Even Worse
Loose, This Life, The Big F*** You
One Armed Man, Hollow Again, My Will Be a Dead Man
Build Your Cages, Despot, Big Brother
Ride, Oasis, Fundamental
Do You Call My Name?, Rectifier, Fallen Rock Zone
Song TitlesBand
Pout, Bounce, Hymen
What You Got, Inside Out, Judas
Click Click Boom, Always, Your Disease
Waffle, Denial, Black
Those Who Stand In Line, Jump In, Set It, Off
Blister (Nothing), Life Jacket, Slider
Nobody, Pressure, Rat Race
Second Skin: New Flesh, In for the Kill, Never Give In
Waste, Stand Up (Summer Song), Isolated
Go, Pushing Me, Thanks for Nothing
Wait and Bleed, Left Behind, Duality
Joy Ride, Stoopid, The Box
Halo, Unreal, Redefine
Tribe, Bleed, Back to the Primitive
15 (Live My Life), Hold Your Breath, Downside
New Disease, Smothered, Shinebox
Forget, Yesterday, Beautiful
Mudshovel, Just Go, Price to Play
Black and White, Push It, I'm With Stupid
Pain, Steppin' Away, Breathing
This Place, Silent Regrets, Empty Promises
Sugar, Chop Suey!, Aerials
Poem, Mine, Again & Again
Middle of Nowhere, Nevermind, Sour Times
Sweet Oblivion, Nohting, Bitter
South Texas Deathride, Turn Me On 'Mr. Deadman', Across the Nation
Downfall, Running from Me, Stronger
The End, Reach, Fled
Bruises, Failure, Face Down
Faceplant, Ty Jonathan Down, Human Pinata
Southbound, Livin' to Die, On the Table
Monsters, Glitches, Antithesis of Origami

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