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Can you name the movies from the names of two of the main characters?

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Harry Callahan, Scorpio
Jack Dawson, Rose DeWitt Bukater
Richard Kimble, Samuel Gerard
Xander Cage, Augustus Eugene Gibbons
Anna Scott, William Thacker
David Dunn, Elijah Price
Nick Curran, Catherine Tramell
Jack Traven, Howard Payne
Max Rockatansky, Toecutter
Robert Clayton Dean, Thomas Brian Reynolds
Melanie Daniels, Mitch Brenner
Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler
Bob Harris, Charlotte
David Levinson, Steven Hiller
Nathan D. Muir, Tom Bishop
Alex Cross, Kate McTiernan
Jason Nesmith, Alexander Dane
Jimmy Doyle, Buddy Russo
Jack Mosley, Eddie Bunker
Lawrence Gordon, Adam Faulkner-Stanheight
Mitch McDeere, Avery Tolar
Danny Roman, Chris Sabian
John Preston, Mary O'Brien
Frank Ramsey, Ron Hunter

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