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Can you name the movies from the names of two of the main characters?

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Jack Sparrow, Will Turner
Ethan Hunt, Jim Phelps
Vincent Vega, Jules Winnfield
Andrew Beckett, Joe Miller
Robert Langdon, Sophie Neveu
Karen Blixen, Denys Finch Hatton
Daniel Kaffee, JoAnne Galloway
James Cole, Kathryn Railly
Raymond Babbitt, Charlie Babbitt
Henry Drummond, Matthew Harrison Brady
Cameron Poe, Cyrus Grissom
Danny Archer, Solomon Vandy
Luther Whitney, Seth Frank
Martin Brody, Sam Quint
Frank Martin, Tarconi
Frederick Abberline, Mary Kelly
Matt Murdock, Elektra Natchios
Frank Horrigan, Mitch Leary
Sam Cayhall, Adam Hall
Jack T. Colton, Joan Wilder
Vincent Freeman, Irene Cassini
Rory Devaney, Tom O'Meara
Robert MacDougal, Virginia Baker
Seth Brundle, Veronica Quaife

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